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Thread: handsaw blade's

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    Default handsaw blade's

    I was busy my washer-generator and was a little disappointed of the production of the hho.

    Next to me was a broken handsaw-blade, i'll put it into the "watertank" that i was using for the washer-generator.

    One piece of the blad was getting + the other piece -.

    Put the battery charger on (12V) 6 amp.

    What a lot of production of hho-gas!!!! more than my washer!!!!!!!

    A lot of production over the entire blade's, also the blade's where staying clean.

    Let it on for 35 min and the water (osmose) stay's clean!!!!

    Now i going to look if i can make a generator of handsawblade's


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    Production of hho is very good, but also the production of rust of the blade, when the generator is not working, is very high.

    The tickness of the blade is one thing, i will use for the next (stainless steel) project.


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