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Thread: PMW with 1 or 2 knobs?

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    OK, so I am still trying to figure out why you would need or want a PMW with 2 knobs on it. The first knob adjusts the width of the pulse and the second adjusts the frequency. Why would you want to adjust the frequency? Will different frequencies work better depending on what the area of your plates are?

    What am I missing? I was going to buy a PMW, but don't want to spend more than $35 or so. I'm pretty handy, so making one isn't out of the question too, but then which schematic is a good one?



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    a pwm helps with heat. instead of a constant current warming up your cell. And yes there will be different fequencies to fine tune your cell. The pwm was one of stanley meyers designs to find the resonant fequency of the water. This meaning a fequency in which the water molecule cant handle and breaks down into hho. Same as a singer breaking a wine glass with his voice. This is how you would create hho without an electrolyte. In theory i havent done this for myself but Im working on it. just spent a few hundo getting my parts.

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    sorry mate PWM donīt help with the heat, only the CCPWM can do it
    PWM is to control motors

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