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Thread: First Cell. Need Help

  1. Default First Cell. Need Help

    I have been reading up on these cells on and off for a few years now. Always wanted to make one just never had time. I am between jobs and decided to give it a try and make a cheap wet cell. Wanted to make a dry cell but can't find any stainless plate and just want to do it cheap first to play around with the concept. I went with the design that uses the stainless switchcovers. I have it set up + NNNNN - and I am not getting ANY production AT ALL connecting it to a 12V car battery. I used a nylon bolt with rubber spacers to hold it all together, submerged in distilled water. I am stumped (and new lol), what could possibly be my problem? I know its something simple. Thanks.

  2. Default electrolyte?

    Are you using any electrolyte or just water?

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    Just the distilled water. I was under the impression that it should still produce with just water, but when you add electrolyte it becomes more efficient.

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    Got the cell working. Added some baking soda and got my bubbles. Not a ton but I am getting production and thats a start. Thanks.

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    At some stages i would say that this sort of problem occurs and the same sort of stuff did happened to me.

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