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Thread: Elctro-magnet Assisted HHO

  1. Lightbulb Elctro-magnet Assisted HHO

    so im very new to HHO, and all but very well aware of the physics behind it.
    rule #1 energy never dissolves into nothing, it is always transferd. and also most machines have a loss of some percentage via heat, friction, resistance, etc... but i do think semi perpetual motion or energy is a possibility here. we must take advantage of gravity( although we have no idea how it works!) Magnetism and things like wind, solar(duh) and human power. all of these energies can be stored in batteries preferably lithium ion polymer packs, but deepcycle is cheaper. anyways some how get your electricity cleanly. then in your hho cell dry or wet, add two fatty electro-magnets to the + side and the - side. flip on the power to the plates and the magnets and see what happens! not so sure how to make an electro-magnet but ide imagine it would ideally involve wrapping a neodymium magnet in a copper coil with a plus and minus end point then coating in silicone for wet cell use, or maybe make part of the actual positive plate and negative plate... not sure.

    the thing that got me was the math behind hho. if you use x amount of energy /electricity to make hho gas, burn it in a generator, and out put electricity....... you at best will get out what you put in. no? well there must be a way around that. with magnets a force that exists constant here on earth, gravity another one of those constants, and sun and reliable 12 hr cycle.

    ideas? anyone!!??

    ill be working on my hho cell, probably a wet one in pvc or water filter housing and i will at least apply neodymium magnets. but hopefully electrify them too.
    also for plates other than stainless steel i have heard of nickel, platinum and others being used.

    how about a 316 ss plate that's gold plated? any benefits, ever tried?

    those are my ideas for now.

    oh ya.....other idea..... how about a generator farm of thousands of diesel generators running on straight veggie oil and hho? clean, renewable. probably wont happen until an ultra efficient hho cell is found and mass produced, along with ultra cheap lithium ion batteries.

    Can we save this world?


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    Can we save this world?
    I truly believe we can. And I'm slowly doing my part.

    I'm interested in your idea of electromagnets on the HHO cell.
    I have recently purchased an HHO kit and I will be posting updates on this forum.

    I might eventually try to add permanent magnets to the dry cell. I'm just curious as to what configuration of polarities one might consider. It might have a different effect if the magnets are repelling or attracting.

    If you have experimented with this method I would like to hear about the results if possible.

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    Energy can not be created nor destroyed. Well you disproved your objective right there. The energy doesn't just disappear, it is leaked into other areas and places, but even if you could keep it from being transferred elsewhere, it wouldn't produce anything, it would just keep on moving around its cycle.

    As an example of this, imagine you have a perpetual motion device that is just a spinning wheel. Now the energy it already has, keeps it spinning, there's no loss, no friction. You want to have it spin something else, to do that you attach it to your perpetual wheel. The energy required to spin your new wheel, acts as friction on your perpetual wheel, which takes energy out of it. Your perpetual wheel will continue to slow down, until all of the energy sustaining it has dissipated.

    This is why things such as magnet motors, "bendini" motors and things don't work. I'm not saying there's no way to MAKE them work, but our current understanding of the workings of our world don't allow for it.

    However, you are absolutely onto something with harnessing energy from outside sources. The sun, being one of the most notable, can supply all the energy we need for a million generations and then some, we already have a basic form of technology that does this, but it's underdeveloped. Technically ALL of the energy we have ever used, comes from it. Plants use sun for photo synthesis, from there they can be eaten and taken into the food cycle, or they can decay and form fossil fuels over millions of years. Wind is a product different temperatures of air interacting. Heated by the sun. Streams, rivers and brooks all flow because water evaporates and comes back down in a different area as rain.

    The sun could solve 100% of our energy problems and then some, without batting an eye, but to the driving forces of our world it's not profitable enough. There are other forces, fusion being the most notable. It would be a small scale controlled version of the sun that turns small amounts of matter into huge amounts of energy, though no working model has ever been produced.

    Even beyond that, a better understanding of gravity, and what allows it to work could be our means to an end. Our planet is constantly moving, around the sun, around the galaxy, through open space. If we knew more about gravity it could be feasible that a form of "wind mill" could be developed to harness energy merely by passing through what we understand as "time-space."

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    I installed 2 magnets on the fuel line of my Volvo S80 Diesel, also installed a VOLO chip to correct the ECU. I have now a fuel saving of 20% on highway with 120 km/hr. No HHO involved just magnetism. I planned to install also a HHO generator and i am currious if there will be another 30-40% reduction of fuel. This should give a total saving of up to 50%. The thinking that is done by sceptics and criticasters is that the efficiency of the motor is fixed and any change by magnets or HHO should come from the HHO, not due to a better efficiency. If the efficiency goes up there is more power available. For petrol engines the efficiency is 30% for diesel 50%. Fuel saving of 50% means then better efficiency for petrol engine from 30 - 45% for diesel from 50 - 75%. The gain is not coming from the HHO or else but from the 70% of yr tank that was wasted before and partially used now.
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    I found up to now 3 ways to reduce fuel consumption drastically: 1. Magnets; 2. HHO generator; 3. electrocution of the fuel in the fuel line. All 3 are involved with magnetism, as electricity is a different type of magnetism. Without magnetism no electricity, but without electricity there is still magnetism (and natural electricity ie thunderlightning). All 3 changes the condition of the fuel in a way that a better an optimal combustion is possible. I think that using HHO and magnets will give a dramatical decrease of fuel used. Magnets on the fuel line, magnets on the waterline between watertank and HHO generator and maybe also magnets on the HHO line before injection in the air-intake could give the best results.
    As stated before I have a fuel saving using only magnets. Has anyone any experience in the combination of the 2?

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    Strong magnets when used correctly have an effect on fuel that does change it. Testing is on going but in my initial testing magnets give a 7% increase in fuel consumption in diesel. I am not sure if I agree with every thing that Wiseman says but it might be my not understand everything too. The fact is that for every molecule of diesel there is 28 molecules of hydrogen if my memory servers me and 12 molecules of carbon. If you can create an effect on the hydrogen that is beneficial to the combustion process then there will be an increase in efficiency. I think this is what is happening and will be having this tested in a lab using some very sophisticated equipment next year if things work out. I have a number of theories but it all needs to be confirmed and verified before I am willing to say exactly what is happening. There will be some limitation to what I can post due to some propitiatory findings that are not mine.

    Magnets have been tested before and found to have no effect on fuel. Your can read about it with a simple Google search. There are many people selling magnets on eBay and other sits that are just a rip off. How to use them and there strength is very important so do not fall for the junk that is sold with claims of large savings. When testing is complete I will post as much as I can.

    Adding HHO with magnets is another totally different ball game and testing is on going.

    My testing is done using the weight of the fuel as well and an accurate fuel flow meter and taking into consideration of the amount of moisture in the air the temperature of the intake air and a number of other factors like the density/temperature of the fuel to come hopefully to an accurate conclusion.
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    If you not install a Volochip properly to trick the ECU together with the magnets you will not have any gain as the motormanagement sabotage the fuel reduction, and indeed even an increase in fuel consumption is possible. I noticed a increase of fuel from the usual 5.6 ltr/100km to up to 6.0 ltr/100 km. After installation of the chip the fuel consumption decreased to 4.4-4.5 ltr/100 km. This was after 2000 km and refresh of the oil and oilfilter. The motor is know running smooth and better than before. As the chip works after ca 10 km on the highway at regular speed before the consumption is down to 4.5 ltr/100km every time you start the engine again, because it takes some time for the chip to determine that there is a change in the sensor readings due to the magnets (or HHO generator).

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    Installing magnets changes the structure of the molecule in such a way that the Hydrogen molecules are able to bind more oxygen to it so making it possible to burn more of the fuel. When adding a HHO generator this improvement of the fuel will still be valid and therefore also more gain will be the result. If you as a third fuel saving device install Pulstar sparks which have a capacitor in the body due to which there is a very strong spark even more of the fuel wil burn. As The HHO gain is the result of the high flame speed these 2 are doing the same, high flame speed with intensive ignition. flame speed of petrol/diesel is 1 m/sec, HHO 1000 m/sec, Pulstar speed in nanosec. All of these fuel savers are improving the combustion one or the other way. As more fuel is burned while the cylinder is going down and less while going up there will be a increase of HP.
    In this range also the vortec might be a good idea. The HHO is released in the centre of the air intake. There is no garantee that the HHO will spread out equally over the whole surface of the air intake. So probably the amount of HHO that each of the cylinders receive is not the same, and therefor you will have the average of all cylinders as result. The Vortec might improve this resulting in higher gain. Anyhow worth to try it out.
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    Interesting idea.
    Hydrogen is fuel, but it's just energy transformation, not energy source. I mean we don't get Hydrogen by nature, we use electricity to transform H2O to H2 & O2. we require external energy to do it.
    use H fuel is surely better than use C fuel to save the world. but to make it more saving the world & of course saving our money is the source of electricity, if we use solar panel, wind turbine at our home, we save our world and our money.

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