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Thread: I want buy but, i'm at Brazil

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    I'm looking for a good kit for my car, (looks like [http://www.efficaxonline.com.br/clie...82033604A.jpg]), motor 1.6L.
    I found it on ebay [http://www.ebay.com/itm/HHO-DRY-CELL...tem23261287aa], it's a good price, but i don't know if is good (for 1.6L) or if your production is good (good to me is around 2lpm).

    If you have another (and more efficient model with a good price), please answer in this topic.

    sorry by my bad english.

  2. Default I want buy but, i'm at Brazil

    Hi there,

    I recently purchased several HHO kits from HHO Kits Direct. I did lots of research online and everybody that i spoke with said that this company was the best to go through.

    The kits that i bought work perfectly and give you very good efficiency. In regards to your questions, the one that you have seen on ebay is not good quality. It draws 30 amps which is a huge power consumption for such little production (they claim 2.25lpm only at 30 amps) - in other words you will only get 2.25 lpm at 30 amps which you would not be able to run for very long as it would overheat. Also, the one that you found on ebay is not a runnable kit. You are only paying for the fuel cell which, on its own, is useless.

    In this field, the fact of the matter is that you get what you put in. To get a good kit you need to spend the money on it - the professional kits come with warranty and are much better quality.

    So, if you want a great HHO kit that will last ages, increase efficiency and prolong your engine life DO NOT BUY THE ONE ON EBAY!

    Hope this helps,

    Kind Regards,


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