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Chris Litavecz

Hi Chris,

We have found no benefit to any hydrogen systems in the past, on the dyno, nor on the street. Most systems recommend an alteration of the O2 sensor signals, however that is not a possibility, since there is no reliability to the signal outside of +/-450mv.

We can certainly provide performance and throttle response benefits with our regular tune benefits. We have three tune options for you, our Traditional tune, our Scan Cable tune and the AutoCal. Pricing is as follows:

Traditional Tune - Complete an order form with pertinent details and we ship out a set of computers to you.
Tune service: $240
ECM core charge: $140
TCM core charge: $50

Scan Cable Tune - With the security deposit, we send out a data logger, to be used with a Windows based Laptop to collect data. Then, using that data and an order form that you complete, we complete and ship the set of computers out to you to be installed.
Tune service: $330
ECM core charge: $140
TCM core charge: $50
Scan cable security deposit: $400

AutoCal - All tuning is completed by email with this option. The AutoCal is used to collect data from the truck, much like the scan cable tune, without needing a laptop, and all tuning is completed based on that data. The end result is emailed to you to be installed using the OBD2 port under the dash. Details and ordering can be found at
Hardware and Tune: $579

Also as a side note, 87 octane is not recommended under any circumstances, as it provides less power and worse fuel economy than 89 octane, even with the factory tuning. GM has designed that engine in such a way that a minimum of 89 octane and above is needed for best mileage and power output.

I'll be glad to answer any other questions that you may have.

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On Thu, Sep 19, 2013 at 11:44 AM, Chris Litavecz <****[email protected]> wrote:

I have a HHO system and will probably install water injection. Have you ever tuned for these setups? I have TouchScan software so I could datalog and send it via email if that would work. Truck is a 2011 GMC 1500 with 4.8L and automatic.