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Thread: Offering Specific vehicle help

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    I see alot of people asking questions that aren't getting answered. I am in the auto repair business and everyone in my field doesn't believe hho works at all. I'm still at a stand still with my kit due to insufficient funds so I can't say i've witnessed it working but I still think it can work. I have access to OEM information on nearly every Make Year and Model of car and I am willing to give this information to anyone that asks. Every car manufacturer uses a different method to get their car to meet emissions. And if you are going to trick the cars computer you need to know what the computer is looking for. Just send me year make and model engine size and sub-model (EX,LX,GT or whatever) and I can give you the strategy that the computer uses to pass emissions. and that should give you the edge to make hho work to its fullest.

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    I have a ’97 Saturn SW1. I'm interested in any HHO info, kits, plans that are most suitable for '97 Saturn SW1 1.9L SOHC. I'd also like to connect with anyone actually has an HHO runing on an S-Series Saturn.

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    i responded with a private message but i don't know if i did it right. i can't help you with hho plans very much but i can give you ideas on tricking the computer and what wire colors you will be looking for. how good is your knowledge under the hood?

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    Hey there!

    I have a chevy G20 1996. I'm curious if you can offer any insight as to where in the engine the best place to introduce HHO into the fuel system would be.

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    sorry i don't have the experience or knowledge to help you with this question. im sure there are others that already have a system going can help you more than i can

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