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Thread: HHO Kit for Civic VX- Ebay?

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    Well, giJoe85, you have a boatload of information and reactions to your inquiry. Feel free to PM me if you would like any additional input. I will send you a PM.

    BioFarmer gives a good link to a useful system one of the forum member markets. He, however, is honest enough to state the amount of work that must go into understanding your particular vehicle system and how your generator cell must be integrated. There truly are no "plug and play" systems. At least not yet.

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    Someone else has also recommended the Liberty Industries Dry Cell on eBay. Has anyone on this forum actually installed it and used it in their car? BTW has anyone actually installed it on a Saturn S-Series 1.9L SOHC/DOHC?

    Quote Originally Posted by BioFarmer93 View Post
    I have to agree with myoldyourgold and Stevo on this.. Honestly, can you think of one thing under the hood of your car that is plain old glass? I can't. The unit you cited operates at 12 volts nominal between electrodes rather than 2 to 2.5 volts that a conventionally built drycell does. This means that the jar unit will be making a LOT more heat & water vapor than HHO gas. The "neutral" or bipolar plates in a drycell split that 12V up into a much more efficient and lower voltage per cell. This means more actual gas production and less heat generated water vapor. The fact that you came to this forum and asked about a prebuilt unit rather than asking how to build a unit or system should indicate to all that you would prefer a kit or semi-turnkey system- meaning that you're not really all that jazzed about learning the arcanum of HHO, immersing yourself in a life of experimentation and essentially are looking for a way to improve your mileage in as straightforward a manner as possible. If this is the case then I would advise purchasing a system similar to this one- yes it does cost a little more, but it gives you most of the rest of the bits and pieces (balance of system).
    Mike, a member on this forum, username "hhoconnection" sells high quality units and balance of system components. He is quite knowledgeable and can advise you on sizing, installation and set up. If you haven't already seen these (in the newbies section) then here is an introduction... view-source:http://www.hhoforums.com/showthread....os-for-Newbies

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    Man, that system sold CHEAP. I build all my systems from scratch and don't sell, but even if this one wasn't super it would still be a monstrous deal and pretty easily reconfigured if you so desired (I'm not a fan of less than 5 bipolar plates to a stack for typical 13.8V systems). I could swear that there was a guy here with a car of the same make and model as yours, but the screen name slips my mind atm.

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