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Thread: Low Voltage High Current

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    Default Low Voltage High Current

    Hi all

    Iím starting to discover that current flow causes the reaction regardless of voltage.

    Here are my findings:
    I started at 50VDC at 2A and went down to 11VDC at 2A. I discovered that the gas production rate stayed very close to the same. So I produced the same amount of gas with 100W and 22W.

    Power supply:
    Variable transformer with a full wave rectifier and no caps (so technically pulsating DC). I tried halfway rectifying but that it was about 20% less efficient. I assume the efficiency will go up a bit with caps (straight DC).

    I kept the current constant by lowering the voltage and adding salt by increments to the system.

    Let me know what you guys think.


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    i think the reason people want less voltage is to keep cell temperatures down... i think. (im a noob)

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    to convert h2o to h2 & o2 you just need 2-3 volt.
    you can imagine volt like waterfall. example to make a waterfall powerplan you need 2 meters high waterfall. if you have 10 meters waterfall and you built 1 powerplan, the result will be the same. we maximize the 10 meters waterfall by built 5 powerplan each 2 meters high, that's the use of neutral plate.

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