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Thread: no output voltage on transformer

  1. Default no output voltage on transformer

    I have made a duplicate of Dave Lawton cell....but instead of a ferrite inductor I used a 12v to 1200v transformer...the frequency part is working ok...the current draw at 12v without transformer is 3amp. now when I connect the transformer, in no load I m getting my desired voltage, but on load, i.e the electrodes, the voltage is dropping to zero....plz help......transformer input :-12v at 3A....output 1200V at .03A.

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    that is about right. it will lower amperage proportionately to what it raises voltage. if 3 amps and 12 volts goes in and it raises voltage by 100 times, then it will lower amperage by 100 times.

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    I think u havnt read it correctly...my problem was I m not getting any output
    voltage on load.

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    ok, ya i did miss read it. from what little i know about transformers it depends on the size of the load and the quality of the transformer if it can keep up the voltage on the load side. maybe the load is pulling too many amps for it to handle.

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