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Thread: Troubleshooting

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    I built an 8 plate dry cell running on a 12V 6A trickle charger. I'm getting almost no HHO. Some little bubbles with 1 or 2 slightly larger bubbles a minute. I put a water balloon on the end and after an hour, it inflated the water balloon a bit, but didn't start to stretch it. I added a drop of Drain-O as an electrolyte.
    What am I doing wrong?
    Thanks for any help!

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    what is drain o ?
    why don't use Naoh ?
    if you can't get Naoh, you can use table salt NaCl. with consequence you will get Cl2 gas in first time. after Cl2 go then you will get O2, because your electrolyte will be Naoh, not NaCl.
    (don't Na2SO4)

    try to check with is it true your power supply give you 12v & 6A

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    One of the principal ingredients in Drain-o is sodium hydroxide.
    When i get a chance I'll pull out my multi-meter and check the power supply.

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    can you upload pic of it?

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    A drop doesn't seem like enough. I'd suggest using pure KOH, it works perfect with my dry cell setup and it should keep your plates clean. Use caution with any of it, it burns the skin.

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