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Thread: Ogo pwm problems.

  1. Default Ogo pwm problems.

    Think I've killed it.Ogo pwm 30 amp.
    During plate conditioning today I left it running while taking youngest son to his mates.

    On my return (less than 15 minutes)
    The fan wasn't running and the pwm was buzzing like a good un.

    Current was still going to the cell @ the 11 amps I set it to.

    picked the unit up to see if it was warm and something "rattled"

    Don't want to open it up as it's a month or so old (waranty job)

    Same unit is $24 in the USA.

    30 here in the UK (f$%^&** rip off Britain)

    It's a case of you get what you pay for.

    Mine was made either Monday morning or late Friday afternoon.

    Getting on to the vendor in a minute and if no joy then Ogo themselves.

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    Vendor said it wasn't supplied by him first.
    After mailing paypal transaction to him he admitted it was sold to me by him but no warranty was implied at the time of sale.


    Does any one know the value of capacitor 3 (which has burst taking any markings with it)
    on the OGO -PWM30?

    Cheap caps used judging by the amount of cardcoard in side the unit.

    Mailed OGO for a schematic of the board including values but i'm not holding my breath while waiting.

    Testing in the meantime is either using a little 10 amp max pwm or non at all "full throttle" which I don't like after past misshaps.

    Cheers in advance


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    OGO got back to me and asked who the vendor was and to mail him.
    They will honour the manufacturer warranty if he contacts them.

    E mail from OGO.
    Dear Dave,
    Could you pls tell me who you buy the PWM30 from? If our retailers or distributor, we provide warranty to them and they should give you warranty. You'd better contact your vendor and ask him/her to contact us for warranty.
    Best Regards,


    [email protected]


    Can't fault the service up to now.

    Better mail vendor with the info.

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