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Thread: Full Wave Bridge Rectifiers

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    For a first thread, I thought I would share the only really useful thing that I have to contribute (at the risk of sounding like an ad). I found the monster of all bridge rectifiers, I have an MDQ-200A, which is a single phase, 2000V, 200A monster, that was well worth the $30 it set me back. I also use it as a D/C upgrade for my arc welder, and that doesn't even get it hot. The numbering schema for those is MDS for 3 phase, and MDQ for single phase, followed by the amperage, and they come up to 600A. One of these will provide all the direct current you could ever need. I'm not a spammer, so I'm not putting in any links, but that should suffice for any search engine.

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    I have the same type of MDQ, except mine is a single phase product. It isn't the same as a normal full wave rectifier as it is an SCR type. It really only puts out 95-100 volts DC, as the forward voltage isn't the same as the cheap full wave rectifiers. When you use the cheaper units., they are only good for maybe 30-50 amps, but the voltage is much higher out, such as maybe 155-170 volts dc. When you use one of the MDQ's, they give you a less chopped , much more accurate, as well more efficient product, but, you don't see the massive voltages you get from the cheap crap because it isn't a sloppily chopped wave with peaks and valleys if you see the waveform on a scope. It basically is more of a gate or valve which allows the waveform to be a very fast pulse, and smaller width. It has to be pulsed with voltage to latch it, no ground would be necessary as it only needs to be pushed into saturation to energize it with maybe 5 or 10 volts. I just put a pushbutton low amperage switch to drive maybe 2 milliamps and 12 volts into it to turn it on. Once this is done, you could run a variac or, even better yet, I use a router speed controller which pulses it with massive spikes that actually gives an awesome output if you have a resonant cavity cell. Resonance is very easy to hit if the cell is correct with minimal components. Think of an inductor when building your cell, and you will catch the break I did. Let's just say that stan meyer and bob boyce ain't got nothing on this output especially for the fact that I am using maybe 10 square inches of plate surface area in a specific design.. I use a very tight tolerance and force the pulse into a rotational magnetic field using magnets and toroids. This is a must to make it work, and it is very easy to figure out with a very large homemade, handwrapped 6.5 inch micrometals toroid. Iron powder core is a must, and there will not be anything other than a 2000 watt inverter, router speed controller, and a good home made cell. If you'd like to see some videos I'd be glad to post, but I can not share the cell design as it is going in for a patent, and it isn't an option at this point. It has a lot to do with the production, but, the efficiency is what I will have that nobody else will have unless they use something similar. 2 other toroids are necessary to use on each leg to the cell, but, the SCR may mess up the signal necessary to drive the cell the same way I am. I very easily drive 12-20 lpm with ease. I can drive the cell at 10 amps and have only 36 volts dc output while I am flowing better than a vicious high temperature boil. It has to be cooled with a pump and small tranny radiator but, the cell uses no more than 125 watts to run very nicely, enough gas to run a vehicle, but, when using it as a supplement, I am guessing I can get away with 75 watts at 25 volts and make 8-9 lpm easily of ortho hydrogen hho.. My mix is the good stuff which is just as powerful as gasoline and the trick is to use two negative plates while having only one positive plate so the stoichiometric ratio is correct. I have many people argue that you only need two plates to make it equal and correct, but, I'd like everybody to blow a balloon up with single plates making the gas, then, try it the way I say. When you make it this way, more hydrogen is released per oxygen, allowing a way better fuel economy, and then, when you are able to produce the HHO in mass quantities for a very low amperage as I do using an inverter, you will be making over 5000% more gas than Faraday have, hell, I'm making triple the gas Bob Boyce's cells online are making. I have yet to see his videos show anything out of the ordinary as I have watched the videos online, as well, I built one myself and tried his design and have maxed out at 12lpm. This little guy I built destroys his 101 plate electrolyser, as well, every dry cell I have seen on the market, even 300 plate monsters that I think are a waste of time and money unless they run parallel for all plates, unless mains voltage is necessary.. Let's just say "think round", because everything works better round, and works better in 3's!!

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