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Thread: How much can I melt?

  1. Default How much can I melt?

    I'd like to build a torch capable of melting at least 150g of copper at once in a small graphite crucible. How many LPM will be neccessary to achieve this?

    Also, how much can I melt with 2 LPM?

    Any tips you can give me regarding how to melt larger amounts at once would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hey jhongalt,

    How exactly do you plan on melting the copper inside the crucible? Are you trying to liquify it for pouring into a casting? I'm working on a similar project and have been looking into DIY Forges that use propane for heating purposes, but plan to use a Oxyhydrogen generator instead. Currently I'm building two 49 plate generators based similar to http://www.greenfuelh2o.com 's design where water/Oxyhydrogen are fed/removed from both sides of the cell. What does your current Oxyhydrogen build/design look like at the moment? Have you already calculated that it will/does put out 2LPM?


    Ben Hitz.

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