Hello Everyone! My name is Ben & I'm here to pick the brains of anyone who will let me. I am an anxious beginner to the world of Oxyhydrogen generators. With that said, lets jump right into it. I am in the process of Designing & Building a "Solar Oxyhydrogen Forge". I will start throwing out a bunch of Spec's to let you absorb and pick through, and maybe, when you see something your experience throws a red flag to, you can kindly point it out to me, and perhaps make reference to a better alternative. (and yes, I know some of this information may sound redundant to a expert)


-My Generator ( or generator's), will consist of two stacks of 49 plates of 304SS 18g 7"x7" plates. ( yes, i know 316L SS is optimal, but I already have the 98 plates I need.) The series will be Positive, 5 Neutrals, Neg,.... ending with positive.

**With water going into the gen. from both sides at the bottom, and oxyhydrogen coming out both sides at the top, it gets the OxyHydrogen out as quickly as possible, and the series starts and ends with a positive plate.

-The plates will have gaskets sandwiches between them made out of tractor inner tubes cut to shape to cover 1/2" around the outer edging of the plates. I will be running a Bolt to connect all the positives and negatives to themselves.
**So I only have to deal with 1 Negative & 1 Positive wire instead of a wire running to each individually charged plate.

- I will be staggering the water circulation holes in the plates & coating them with acrylic cement to cut down on current leakages.

QUESTION1: I have seen in youtube videos, round "spring" type devices sandwiches between the bolts and end plates. It was explained that these helps keep tension on the plates as they expand and contract as plates heat up and cool down to prevent water leaks. What's your opinion on that?

QUESTION2: Whats the best type of Water/Electrolyte mixture and ratios?

- Due to the (hopeful) high LPM I want to put out from the generator, I plan on going with two flashback arrestors. 1 Large, 1 Small.

I've seen this flashback arrestor in quite a few videos.

But can't seem to find the recipe on how to craft it. To me it looks like a simple
Water Filter housing

with with polymer water beads inside.

What are your opinions on it & do you have any experience with one?

Now, Onto question's that I've come up with pertaining to the "Solar" and "Forge" part of my project. I understand you probably have less expertise on these subjects, but just maybe, you can help with a question or two anyhow.

Question 3: What type of burner would you suggest using to pipe the Oxyhydrogen into the forge. I doubt a burner used for propane would be compatible.

I plan on using a PWM to adjust the Current delivered to the Oxyhydrogen generator. I know solar panels don't always put out the same current. I understand that Solar Panels are expensive, but I am willing to dish out the money for them. I will probably start this project off by running the Generator from a rectifier converting AC current. I plan on buying a Pyrometer to measure the temperature of the forge based on how many LPM I'm piping to it, ultimately being able to "slightly" adjust the temperature depending on which metal I am working with. (No need to raise the temps to Cast Iron melting points when I'm doing Aluminum that day.)

I've read that 2amps per 6"x6" plate area is optimum for Oxyhydrogen production without overheating and creating water vapor.


So, Phew. Still with me? Great! I'm sure I will add more to this post as questions arise and I start getting Feedback. Thank you for your time and all the help I'm hoping to get!