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    OK i purchase a hho generator from internet with an very poorly translated instructions from French to German based on petrol killers wiring diagram.. All is in place but when I turn it own after some time it blows the fuse..really melted.. What could I be doing wrong?

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    One of the forum Gurus will be along to give a better explination.
    But in the meantime,
    What are you using as electrolyte and how much?
    How many amps is the cell pulling?
    What is the fuse and wiring rated at?
    Is the cell shorting out internally causing excessive heat?
    Are you using a Pulse Width Modulator to control the amps or just running directly off the battery?
    If it's off the battery the cell will pull as much current as the battery can provide causing melted fuses.

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    OK I am using NaCh03 as a catalist there was a small packet of crystal flakes included in the kit.. I put just some flakes maybe around a teaspoon eye measure into a liter of distillate water.. For wiring it is straight of the battery which gives 14v reading when engine is running this goes through a 30amp fuse into a relay that is activated by switch what is wired into the dashboard..
    The grounds are on to the frame of the car and the switch is pig backed of the fuel gauge meter

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    2 things to try.

    Drain system and use less catalyst in fresh distilled water = less amp draw
    Put a PWM in the circut to control the amps the cell can draw.

    It would appear that it's pulling in the mid to high 20's at the moment due to the 30 amp fuse heating rather than blowing straight away.
    If production is good I would be tempted to up the wiring/ fuse to take the higher amp draw and add a PWM.

    Although a small amout of HHo ironically can yeild better MPG than pushing huge amounts into an internal combustion engine.

    I prefer 1/2 lpm stable @ 7 amps rather than 3 LPM @ 40 amps with the possibility of going bang.(been there and it isn't nice)

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    Ok so ya checking in.. Since my first post i read the comments and changed the water reduced the electrolytes catalyst and made a test 500km drive...so normaly my 2.4l diesel engine pushing a 2.5t van gets about 10km per Liter so a full tank of about 50l should give about 500km...without hho
    With the hho runnning i was able to drive at least 550km...and still had about 4 liters left in the tank..so i guess that would be about 10% efficiently increase.. This done on an eye mesure...not really profesionly messured the exacant amount of catalyst nor did i mesure the amps nor am i using a pwm.. So if i play around a bit more sure i can get a better performance

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    Congratulations on the positive gain.
    If cell/wires/fuse remained cool during the 500km + drive then it would be safe to add a little more catalyst and see if you get a greater increase.
    A cheap ampmeter would be a good investment so you can see when the max safe current draw is reached.
    Keep up the good work.

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