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Thread: Electrolysis Of Steam

  1. Default Electrolysis Of Steam

    Hi guys,

    Was wondering if this could be possible?

    If water vapour (steam) could be used as the fuel.

    I have tried to measure the continuity of the steam and have found that it has zero. But water also does not have any continuity without a additive.

    I have a design in mind but I would like to know if it could be possible.

    Many thanks

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    Hmmm...Haven't considered this method.
    The best I can dream up would be a high voltage AC electric field created by two highly insulated electrodes with the steam ported between them.

    I understand Meyer did something similar by positively ionizing air, and mixing that with steam, which resulted in breaking the water molecules down into hydrogen & oxygen, but the resulting combustible gasses were ammonia and nitrous-oxide.

    I do remember a patented process where steam at (I believe) 500 deg F was sprayed through a nozzle into a stainless steel container where the water broke down into hydrogen & oxygen. I found that patent some years ago using freepatentsonline. I failed to grab a copy when I stumbled across it.

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    Default High temperature electrolysis is done regularly in industry.

    Steam electrolysis is part of this. Any electrolysis benefits from the heat content added to the electrolyte before electrolysis begins so that the energy needed will be reduced.

    Simply Google High Temperature Electrolysis and get numerous interesting links to the topic.

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    The best way to use water is make electric rays with water. The legal restrictions are hurdles in these research.
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