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Thread: Odd problem

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    I made a 7 plate, 6x6 generator. It's runs great - but a very odd problem is cropping up:

    From a sealed container - the hho does not travel to the bubbler. It's as though the gas is staying in the container. The hose is a straight shot to the bubbler.

    The hho does not even want to fill a balloon right out of the container.

    Any ideas?

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    Why do you think that it is working?

    If you're not seeing bubbles, it is not working at all.

    How much current is it drawing and at what voltage across the entire generator?

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    I am seeing bubbles - quite a few in fact. After about 10 seconds the whole container is full of small bubbles. No foaming, no excessive heat, the HHO is not moving up the hose.

    I'm drawing 18 amps at 12 volts.

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    Check for gas leaks. Spray soapy water around the cell. Only spray one electrical connection at a time. Rinse with distilled water or WD-40 before spraying the next one.

    Insure there is a passage from the interior through the outlet fitting.

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