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Thread: simple&effective wet cell

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    Have a 2000 toyota celica 1.8L engine. Looking for the most simple, straight forward, wet cell design to implement. Would like the most morally produced EFIE & MAF Cntrl units available (ones made in USA or perhaps easy to follow schematics for me to build my own...which don't really want to do, just wish some really righteous ones exsisted).

    Shout out to Stan Meyers. Believe "resonance" is a cool subject. Been chasing it a couple of years with car audio subwoofer and fabricating a subwoofer box to make resonance. Perhaps one needs to study resonance like when a opera singer breaks the wine glass....Perhaps reverse engineer what is happening and why such frequency breaks the glass and apply it to water etc....

    just need my light saber, protein synthesizer, x-fighter (with an awsome power source to last my lifetime 2x over), and then another light saber just to make a 4 cross.


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    Wilkes I bought my EFIE here . . .

    Eagle Research
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