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Thread: Superconductor as Electrolyte

  1. Default Superconductor as Electrolyte

    I'm new to this, planing to build one for my 1948 Ferguson TEO. I saw something that may have an effect on HHO cells. I thought I would share it with you all To get a general reaction before I try it myself. lol

    There is an element called monoatomic gold you can find all kinds of stuff on YouTube about it. One of its properties is that it is a superconductor, its also used as fertilizer, heath aid, etc. Has anyone ever thought of trying this before? From what i have seen it seems to create a natural grid like pattern from + to - with no loss of power between the 2 points. Perhaps an enhancement to the flow will boost production. Idk. lol

    What do y;all think?

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    I think you wont get any hho, if create a grid joining + and - the electricity won't pass through the water and electrolysis won't occur.
    Maybe I'm wrong

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    It would be interesting to see how it worked.

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    Again I'm new so I can't say for sure. The purpose of adding electrolyte's is to create a mineral link through the water between the plates, for the charge to flow. If you disolve White powder Gold into your water instead of KOH. The end result should be like compaimg a 2 barrel carb, to a dragsters supercharger. That should be the conductive level of differecne betweeen the 2.

    Again I don't know. Just sharing the thought.

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    Let me explain further. Mono-atomic means single atom. So you take a gold bar. Through a chemical process you brake it down to single atoms. This looks like a white powder. That can be mixed into water. As a supercunducter it eliminate's resistence. Since all the heat created in an HHO cell is made by the resistence, that should no longer be an issue. Also you are reduceing the electrolyte from a molecular scale to an atomic one. This means that there should be more gas production with less amps drawn.

    As I said I could be wrong, but it seems to make sense to me. lol

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    Default Monoatomic Gold has little substance.

    First of all, monoatomic gold exists only in a high temperature gas. Otherwise, it will form compounds at room temperature.

    Most of the science surrounding this whole concept of mono atomic gold is shrouded in "magic and mysticism".

    Feel free to purchase the material from these sellers and do your own testing. But, I am sure you will find nothing extraordinary. A super-saturated electrolyte mix provides minimal resistance. Most of your resistance is in the over-voltage found in the plate materials.

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