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Thread: Noobie install. What is best?

  1. Default Noobie install. What is best?

    Own a 2000 Toyota celica (2zz engine/4cyc). Have had much luck with the "pulse and glide" technique acheiving what seems to be a least 50 mpg (could be exaggerating though?). Want to experiment with a kill switch has well. Have deleted rear wing, right side mirror, and plan to install a flat panel under to improve aerodynamics as well! plus, maybe some pizza pans over the stock rims (then have an artist paint my favorite rim....rota slipstream whites!!!)

    anyways, have touched hho before and the stan myers guy....currently live in ohio and kinda spooky.....unsolved mystery music playing in the back ground. felt an evil power come over me thinking about such....obviously some high power people can kgb in the USA? but back to a simple install......

    Read the thread "Chasing The White Rabbit Down The Hhole" thread on the current forum and hoping to maybe install something simple as to a cell, the cell's controllers, and restricting the air flow....no electronic processing to fool the ECU.

    is such possible?

    can someone layout a simple simple plan for me?


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    I wish everyone who asked me about HHO was trying the techniques you are having luck with already. But the short answer is that HHO is not simple and anyone that tells you they can sell you something you can install in 3 hours is not telling the whole truth. Adding a device to your car to make on-demand hydrogen takes a not so simple process. You can build a cell, but the more efficient you build the cell the less power it will take to run and will draw less from your car. Then you need to install it, filter the gas properly and then adjust it as you drive to find the 'sweet spot' for just the right amount of gas to supplement your fuel. Everything you need to know is in this forum to build and adapt a cell to your car, unfortunately its not something I can type out in 2 to 3 paragraphs and say success will come to you. I and many others have had lots of success with HHO, but if it was simple then people wouldn't call me insane for spending what I do on experiments to try and save a dollar off every gallon of gas I buy.

    Look for information on bipolar designs, dry filtering, sand blasted plates, magnet effects on hydrogen and passivation for a start. A good system paired with what you are already doing for mileage will gain you more than most, but it won't be simple and it won't be cheap to do the right way.

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