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Thread: Bubbler size question

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    I'd rather not go into great detail about my project because people tend to get off topic when you give too much information and I hope that my question is a simple one. I'm really just getting started and I am curious to know if the size of the bubbler matters? I would imagine depending on what you're doing it would be entirely possible to make one too small but what I'm interested in knowing is can you have one that is too large?

  2. Default The bigger the better.

    When running your system it heats up a lot. Even though most systems dont us much water a bigger tank means it wont heat up as fast and theremis less change in tempmso current stays more constant. I use the big Dr fission kits but I wish the tanks were even bigger.

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    That is pretty much what I was thinking - thank you for your reply.

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    No problem. What are you workink on?

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    Running a 7.2kw generator that is powered by a 15hp briggs and stratton motor. Still collecting materials before I can get anything really started, but I like to get as many answers as I can up front so I only have to buy some things once.

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    Thats interesting. What will it be used for?

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    If by bubbler you mean scrubber after the electrolyte tank then you want a system large enough to scrub the electrolyte out of the gas. If you are using a dry filter you want probably a 6"-12" long filter for 1-3 lpm of gas, but the longer the filter the better as it will scrub more electrolyte out. You can always use more than one bubbler as well, just hook them up in series. It was a little confusing based on the past few posts.. but I would not suggest using the electrolyte tank as your bubbler to clear out the electrolyte. If after being scrubbed you can see the vapor of gas coming out of your final output hose, you need more scrubbing as what you are seeing is electrolyte in the gas. That electrolyte will eat any aluminum it comes in contact with, trust me on this... it will eat it like candy.

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