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Thread: Where to buy potasium hydroxide

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    We hear this question a lot. Thanks for all the recent support from HHOForums.com

    Always use the correct electrolyte because your electrolyte determines your cell's current draw, efficiency, thermal loss and overall output. Studies show using an incorrect solution can be dangerous to your electrical system and can even release poisonous gasses. Your electrolyte is part of your electrical system and only needs to be added when filling the system for the first time and after flushing. All other times just add distilled water. Therefore, your electrolyte remains constant and needs to be of the correct value just like any other electrical component.

    E-water is lab tested to be the optimal solution for all 12 volt systems. Buy one get one FREE at http://www.drfission.com/ewater-bogo.html

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    you can get 7 pound bags of this stuff on ebay for 14 dollars if you know how to mix correct molar solutions

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