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Thread: How to compress HHO gas

  1. Default How to compress HHO gas

    HHO gas is an incredible substance. When disassociated from water it results in expansion of over 1800 times and when ignited 1800mL of HHO gas reduces to just a mL of water. So what happens when you compress it for storage? It's just like pressing two opposing magnets together and then... BANG! The energy has to go somewhere.

    That is why you should never compress HHO gas. Pure hydrogen, though, can be safely stored in hydrogen rated tanks like those used everyday in industrial applications and Hydrogen/PEM vehicles. That is why this product comes configured for output of either HHO or H2. There are other benefits to pure hydrogen over HHO as well. When injecting pure H2 into vehicle engines in hybrid applications, no computer, EFIE, MAP or O2 sensor changes are necessary. Just connect the power, connect the output and go!

    You can see the only commercially available consumer Hydrogen Generators here: DrFission.com

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    You can't store hydrogen in propane bottles. Hydrogen is extremely dangerous. However, there is a lot of interest in hydrogen in powering automobiles, so storing hydrogen has been studied. Read the "Storage" section of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydroge...infrastructure for ideas.

    This is what the article has to say about safety: "Hydrogen has the widest explosive/ignition mix range with air of all the gases except acetylene. That means that whatever the mix proportion between air and hydrogen, a hydrogen leak will lead to an explosion, not a mere flame. This makes the use of hydrogen particularly dangerous in closed areas (tunnels, parkings)..[47] Some differences with common fuels include the fact that pure hydrogen-oxygen flames burn in the ultraviolet color range and are nearly invisible to the naked eye, thus it requires a flame detector to detect if a hydrogen leak is burning. Hydrogen is odorless and leaks cannot be detected by smell."

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