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Thread: What Happened to HHO Activity?

  1. Default What Happened to HHO Activity?

    I've just recently got into making HHO, not to use in cars but to produce pure hydrogen for flying RC blimps. Just from looking around at the various forums and youtube videos, it appears the subject of HHO was very popular between 2008 to 2013, then just sort of died off. Is this just due to the price of gas getting cheap again? Does anyone have a theory on what happened? I've seen several other of my hobbies undergo the same drop in participation over the same time period. Maybe the crappy economy forced people to drop their hobbies for a while? Is everyone wasting their time on things like Facebook now? I just don't understand what could cause forum participation on a wide range of topics to just fall across the board.

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    Was that a tumble weed I just saw roll by?

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    The low cost of fuel is certainly a big factor. Also, the wild claims of magical properties and automotive success have been replaced by the reality that the technology is no more than what it is.

    Like you, I build hydrogen generators for other purposes and as such I scan these posts on a regular basis. However, all the grand automotive systems have met their market demise while the over-unity crowd can come up with no plausible proof of concept.

    Feel free to continue your work and do fill us in on your blimp. That sounds way cool.

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