a high value on daily data which is just like TV viewer ratings. When we arrive at work in the morning the first thing we do is to check the previous days data. If there has been a drop in the figures we discuss various Buy Runescape Gold ways to bring them back up such as running events or when to put out added content.In fact Sugiura notes that at times the management has even gone against the wishes of the staff and prioritized past data results over employee ideas such is the companys level of faith in its Runescape player data. Lionhead has confirmed with Gamasutra that a small number of employees at the studio have been made redundant today following the completion of Fable The Journey.The official statement notes that the studio has begun work on a number of new projects and that As is common in the Runescape games industry a smaller headcount is needed as projects kick off and ramp up as full production gets underway.The company says that it is working with those affected to find new jobs for them including alternative opportunities at parent company Microsoft and other Microsoft Studios outfits including Rare and Soho Productions.Microsoft was also keen to stress that it plans to add over 100 new staff to Microsoft Studios in the UK over the course of the next year.This year has seen various ex Lionhead staffers forming new studios in the UK including Kung Fu Superstar dev Kinesthetic Runescape games Fable creators Dene and Simon Carter at Another Place Productions and of course Bullfrog and Lionhead Studios co founder Peter Molyneux. Gamasutras regular round up of worldwide video Runescape game releases Release This! takes a look at every Runescape game title we know to be shipping to stores this week in a custom compiled list.This week brings Dance Central 3 007 Legends and Doom 3 BFG Edition to retailers in North are now $249. The upcoming Halo 4 console bundle also received a price drop and will debut next month at $349 rather Cheap RS Gold than $399.With these recent changes most Xbox 360 bundles will now be less expensive than the Nintendo