Runescape works of art. How do you guys do this? As illustrations of the game RuneScape to inform that you will Hogg design team for me it was the first type of communication than ever before me and Ricky rs gold Games videoRunescape vacuum Email it to you from drawing device type. He said the email only to send this thing that looks like a video game, and as fancy having a go and do it in the game? Which basically makes one of the main highways in which we operate tone. I would like to draw stuff that feels like something Jamie a little bit, but really do not have a solid understanding of what the mechanic is or what to play Runescape will be, but we hope that tickles the fancy of Ricky and he looked at it and takes away and returns it so ishalf of play. This is where we started to do stuff, but then I went relations Sometimes it will start again in the other direction, where Ricky a thing using a simple geometry, and art and feel beautiful on the play screen view, and then hed send the model and ask me what I would do it seem. So I got it going in both directions. Safety is we spend a lot of time to sit side by side with a piece of paper from a sketchbook and talk about things, and anything can happen. We are in very good condition, just imagine playing experience and talk through and then, when it works well to get a bit excited about the idea of ​​the game. What if this happened, what if that happened? Sketching and drawing the other, Ricky and then go out and I make art Ricky makes the game Runescape put together and tested. Describe three ways in which we work. Haggett When we started working with Sony Santa Monica and we had as much as a game and were going to have a feeling, and how many of the places were going to be able to do so. Since we made those early builds, and get into things IGS and Indiecade, we knew what worked, to a certain extent. We pretty much know what was this system. We do not like we were not trying to figure out why the Cheap RS Gold game Runescape, it is a pleasure. And then it became about what places we want