blade Spirit in China, the Chinese New Year by seven new events with many challenges and profits. Far East is the Chinese New Year on 31 January 2014 fits Tencent Final Fantasy XIV GAMESS present seven events that made Final Fantasy XIV players and gaming forums blade Spirit enrich some items. It is scheduled to begin next Friday stage. We got you some challenges and potential rewards aufgelistet.Die Nyan fishing: Chinese mythology, this creature should be scared, so you can move the happiness of the new year. Exactly the same procedure is called Final Fantasy XIV games. Monster can only enter through a barrage of fireworks life. But Nyan generates only happens once a virtual hero Chase chose Nyan pursuit of white hair above the gentlemen, and later led to the valley Asura giant frog monster track. You can get this exclusive New Year costumes, mascots with heavenly orange and other Belohnungen.Schatztruhen day trade every fantasy XIV Games final player takes on the lunar New Year is another option, which allows you to open treasure chests. This allows each day in a box, each additional demands money from the store key. However, this can only be bought for real money werden.Freunde adds: During the game Final Fantasy XIV player can now put real money cash shop items Blade spirit on FF14 Gil the wish list, and then allow them to get to a friend. Decides that the sender laugh and acquire the appropriate item, the buyer gets thanked free Geschenk.Neue clothes: the virtual character as well as you can see there's a limited edition of China fashion festive erwerben.Dämonisches Chess opportunity: a winding path runs through board games Final Fantasy XIV is located in the middle of the wheel of fate sort. It serves as a rotating cast and determines how many squares fourteen player Final Fantasy games can be transferred to a virtual board forward. On the way in which we look forward, as well as many small profits, which runs until'll will be rewarded with a special gift for decoration. Reading public 2P at STAR WARS Games Final Fantasy