perspective, but a puzzler is still a puzzler, regardless of its appearance.What else has been revealed about the game,? Not much yet, but GameInformer has a Portal 2 Hub at their site, which will announce new features, mechanics, and information about the upcoming title on a regular basis. For further coverage and analysis, stay tuned here at Kombo.Toy Soldiers Helps Blur the Line Between Hardcore and Casual Gamers. The likes of Farmville, Tetris, and Bejeweled Blitz have invaded your Facebook homepage for months now, and it's no wonder that Microsoft is closing the gap between so called social gamers and the hardcore market. Toy Soldiers, a Signal Studios project, launched yesterday looking to bridge the hole between games on Facebook and games on the Xbox 360. For example: someone in San Francisco could be playing Toy Soldiers on the XBLA, while his best friend in Toronto plays the social version on Facebook, Match Defense: Toy Soldiers. Both games are intertwined so that the score earned by Mr. Toronto is then associated with Mr. San Francisco, to the point where both players are contributing to the same cause in the World War I game.Though associated with each other, and contributing to the same total score, the games are entirely unique (don't worry, you won't be paying for a game you can play for free on Facebook). Toy Soldiers on the 360 is a 3D, realtime strategy Buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil game in which a player's controlled team of toy soldiers brought to life struggles against the opposing side, either over Xbox Live or through offline play. Match Defense, Toy Soldiers' Facebook counterpart, is reminiscent of Tetris mixed with Bejeweled, decorated with a World War I theme.Players quickly become contributors to an immense reincarnation of World War I. Points accumulated over time by every player are added to each side's total score via Facebook or in a menu of the Arcade game. The faction with the highest point total is currently winning the war. The result of this is one grand competition with the possibility of everyone in the world being