out in a single lane. The Bilgewater map is laid out the same as the usual Howling Abyss battleground for ARAM each side has Cheap DarkScape Gold two turrets, an inhibitor, and a nexus protected by another pair of turrets.Riot will introduce the map as part of a wider Bilgewater Burning Tides event coming later this summer. While the Butchers Bridge map will replace Howling Abyss for the duration of Burning Tides, Riot hasnt decided what theyll do once the event has concluded.The developers didnt mention any other details about Burning Tides. Past events have included discounts on champions, new summoner icons, and limitededition skins. I imagine Riot will include some kind of incentive for Runescape players if theres no new mode to dive into.I suspect that this event might mark the debut of Tahm Kench, the new champion revealed earlier this week. His teaser Runescape video seemed to be set in Bilgewater so it would make sense for his launch to be attached to the Rising Tides festivities.E The Assembly Offers VR Puzzle Solving. Working in a mysterious facility hidden in the middle of a desert, nDreams The Assembly asks the Runescape player, “Where will you draw the line.” We had a chance to go handson with this VR adventure game during E , as well as chat with Communications Manager George Kelion about what makes it such a unique experience.I had no idea what to expect from The Assembly when I made my way to the nDreams room on the E showroom floor. All I knew is that I was finally getting the opportunity to strap a VR headset to my head again, something I had been looking forward to since my first foray into this new territory a year prior. Luckily, Kelion was onhand to give me the rundown as I got settled into the Oculus Rift.“The Assembly is a narrativeled, characterfocused adventure game,” he said. “The whole game takes place in firstperson. That allows the Runescape player to feel more present in the character; hence more dialogue Deadman Gold driving the story instead of scrolling text or long exposition.”As the Runescape game began,