and just watched the trailer for myself. I was happy to see Bethesda using so much footage that was clearly shot ingame, Cheap DarkScape Gold and I liked that the new Boston setting looks to offer some familiar environments mixed with fresh locales. Oh, and of course Ron Perlman makes an appearance of sorts, his haunting voice pulling the viewer through the brief scenes that unfold. It was short but sweet and told me everything I need to know about Fallout at this point the Runescape game is finally happening.By Tuesday evening, though, the internet reminded me just how much dissection could be orchestrated on a single reveal trailer in a minimal amount of time. Deepdive think pieces were popping up everywhere, picking the trailer apart and speculating what it might mean for the final project. Similar to my experience that morning on Twitter, every column boasting an excited gamer who was just happy to see Fallout in the daylight was met by an equal number of pieces complaining about one aspect or another.The last moments of the trailer seem to hint at the Runescape player character actually having a voice this time around and, I kid you not, there are entire rants arguing how bad a decision that would be. Even Time got in on the fun, throwing up a column about the “ things Fallout had better improve.” To that pieces credit, it at least delves into problems the author has had with previous Runescape games and the changes they hope to see in this next installment rather than whine about a threeminute trailer, but it still smacks of this odd sense of entitlement the Runescape games community seems to be smothered in these days. The folks at Bethesda had not “better” do anything other than what they feel will result in the Runescape game they want to make.I say all of that to ask one simple question When did gaming stop being about having fun? Im not saying that every game needs to be fun itself—I wouldnt necessarily call The Last of Deadman Gold Us “fun for the whole family,” for instance—but didnt we all used to share a air of excitement for these