Throw in James Arnold Taylor as Ratchet, and you have a new beginning.One of the big changes in Ratchet and Clank PS is the arsenal. Most of the weapons are from other Runescape games in the series such as A Crack In Times Groovitron, which causes enemies to dance. There are also some DarkScape Gold new additions. For example, the Pixelizer reduces enemies to bit pixels.Insomniac is offering one more weapon as a preorder bonus. Customers who reserve a copy will get access to The Bouncer from Ratchet and Clank Going Commando. The Bouncer fires bombs that then releases smaller bouncing bombs that home in on enemies.Stevenson promises that well see more of Ratchet and Clank next week at E. the Runescape game will actually be playable at the convention. I suspect Sony will feature R and C during their press conference as well.Watch Teens Fail Hard At Contra. Its painful watching teens play Konamis original Contra on the NES. It was hard game and I never really liked the Contra Runescape games because I thought they were cheap, but when you see the teens play Contra and not even make it past the first level, all you can do is facepalm.YouTube channel React garners a lot of views by gauging reactions from people playing various Runescape games. This time it was Contra from and the D sidescroller showed these kids no mercy. Check it out below. Opposite of games today, there is no halfhour tutorial to teach you that A is to jump and B is to shoot. There are no enemy indicators to blatantly point out who is bad and who is good. There are no voiceovers to guide you through linear levels and no checkpoints after you die repeatedly. Contra is one of those Runescape games based entirely around skill and entirely around teamwork and fast reflexes.Now personally, Ive always found Contra Runescape games to be difficult, yet easier than other sidescrollers like Ninja, Mega Man or Macross. In Contra you could at least Deadman Gold spray and pray; also the controls werent quite as stiff or illresponsive as Mega Mans earlier titles – a problem that seemed to persist