since Infinity Ward’s virgin foray in 2003 hasrightly defined the Encinobased outfit as one of gaming’s most recognizable andrevered studios. High development standards, highquality products, andastronomically high profit margins are all aspects readily associated withInfinity Ward’s portfolio no argument there. However, consider for a moment theominous cracks that have recently appeared in the relationship between InfinityWard and parent company Activision Blizzard which is fast becoming theindustry’s evil empire’ after EA inexplicably decided to turn over a new leaf.Specifically, Activision had Infinity Ward president Jason West and CEO VinceZampella unceremoniously frogmarched off the premises on March 1st for apparent breach of contract and insubordination after they were reportedly discoveredpeddling the studio’s wares to other thirdparty publishers. Then, there’s the subsequent lawsuitlaunched by West and Zampella, who claim Activision is guilty of withholdingsubstantial royalty payments in connection with Modern Warfare 2, which hasalready sold 10 million copies in the U.S. alone and made in excess of $1billion USD globally. According to the legal filing lodged against Bobby Kotickand Co., the dismissed Infinity Ward executives are seeking Cheap FF14 Gil unspecified monetarycompensation while also attempting to secure the contractual rights to theModern Warfare brand. And let’s not forget Activision’sMarch 3rd introduction of fledgling studio Sledgehammer Games, welcomed into theCall of Duty fold alongside series stalwarts Infinity Ward and Treyarch in orderto push the flagship property in interesting new directions. While hardlyconclusive proof the end is nigh, and despite Activision’s insistence thatInfinity Ward will remain an integral Call of Duty’s creative powerhouse, ifthese hairline cracks widen into gaping fissures and Activision dares severInfinity Ward’s cashflow umbilical, what then for everyone’s favorite militaryshooter? First and foremost, in terms ofallaying fears regarding the prospect of swiftly crumbling standards,