Theres nothing really new being discussed in the DarkScape Gold Runescape video, but it might be worthwhile knowledge for the new generation of gamers who are unfamiliar with Tom Clancys Rainbow Six series.The Runescape video also shows the team working together to infiltrate an airplane thats been taken over by terrorists. The Rainbow group storms the plane from above and uses a hammer to break down the barrier setup by the terrorists. The sledgehammer is a pretty cool tool, and I do wonder if well be able to break down more than just terrorist traps with the hammer. the Runescape games walls, in some stages, are just begging to get the sledgehammer treatment. The next phase of the infiltration sees the Rainbow team tossing in a gas grenade, followed with another door breach. This time, the team is utilizing an explosive charge on another barrier setup by the terrorists. It seems a little silly, though, that the terrorists have all these barriers in Rainbow Six Siege but no real purpose for them other than for the Rainbow team to destroy. I mean, technically, if the barrier wasnt setup, the terrorists would simply look down the hallway and see the Rainbow team coming. Oh well.The final bit of the trailer is the team rescuing the hostages and shooting the remaining terrorists. Nothing too special. Nothing too shocking.The setup for the trailer, however, automatically has gamers asking what about the singleRunescape player portions of the Runescape game? I have to be honest; the older Rainbow Six Runescape games were way more fun when they were PvE or coop focused because the AI was always designed to play it straight. If you tried attacking them, they would kill the hostages, or have a sniper ready to take you out from a position you may not have scouted before. The AI was relentless. Playing against Runescape players usually turned into a game of hideandseek guntag. Having the PvP elements in Rainbow Six Siege is probaby mandatory so Ubisoft can sell additional DLC down the road. But there Cheap DarkScape Gold are plenty of competitive Runescape games with runandgunstyle