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Thread: HHO Dry Cell strange occurance

  1. Question HHO Dry Cell strange occurance

    I'm Building my 3rd generator my previous 2 have been wet cell and had not had good seals bad electrical connections inpercise ss plates although they worked and gave a suffecent ammount of hho for my first two generators

    my third generator however has had a problem, it is my first dry cell and very well cut flat sealed and made. with Plexiglas walls i can see that the water level is up and water is flowing through the 5 x 11 chamber (6 x 12 ss plates) when i connect the battery there is no hho being produced, no sparks being made either so its not a short. The weirdest part is i then measured the voltage, and connections is being made but it is making power, I have made a 2 volt battery, could it be that i have an 8 plate generator (i know 7 is optimal but i plan on hooking it up to my 13.5-14.5v car alternator) I can connect a led to my hho generator and it lights it up, it stores electric over night and even when water is flushed out and new water is put in is there any reason that it is doing this, could it be the 8 plate set up (i've had an 8 plate wet cell but i know that it may have "skipped" a plate because the open mason jar) please help any suggestions are appreciated.

    New update: I took out a plate so its a 7 plate generator but still no hydrogen and it is still acting as a battery, tried distiled water and tap water I am waiting to get an electrloyser but I figured dry cells shouldnt need any to make a small ammount of hho correct me if im wrong and they absoultly need some I cannot find a direct answer if it is the plate size number of plates or electrlyser. please help
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    G'day J-Man.
    Yes, you still need an electrolyte in a dry cell.

    The stored voltage you are seeing after applying power to your dry cell is quite normal, rather like a capacitor.
    In a wet cell, that stored charge bleeds off very quickly due to the "edge effect". A dry cell has less exposed edges (thus having less current "leakage"), that means that the stored voltage in the generator takes longer to bleed away.


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