in the coming months. The graphics won’t be quite as sharp on the Xbox One, but you’ll be able to pick it up for Microsoft’s new runescape gold machine, too.Is Bloodborne's 30 Minute Gameplay Runescape video Missing Something?. I just watched 30 whole minutes of Bloodborne gameplay. Halfanhour. The lower body of 60 minutes. What did I get out of it? Well, it's hard to gauge. It's hard to tell. I feel like I might have missed something. So I have to ask, is the Bloodborne gameplay Runescape video missing something? Is there something to this game I'm just not getting?I came across the Runescape video on Runescape games after reading a preview of the Runescape game. Information on Bloodborne is kind of sparse. We all know it's being designed by From Software; and I get that its a Gothicthemed, hackandslash horror game. The thing is, I was wondering if there was a bit more to it? With the alpha test getting underway soon, and preorders being in full swing, I was curious about what's really driving the hype? The preview from Runescape games didn't exactly help flesh things out beyond what we already knew, and the 30 minute Runescape video shows us some extra gameplay, but nothing exceptionally surprising. So essentially, my takeaway is that it's Dark Souls set in a Victorianera without a block button (replaced with a sidearm) and with slightly faster combat. I suppose that's enough to get some people excited. Heck, for some Runescape games they're basically a reskin of another game with a new feature sprinkled in here or there (i.e., Battlefield: Hardline); that doesn't mean Runescape games like that aren't good or can't be fun. I guess in the case of Bloodborne I was sort of expecting... more. Yes, the 30 minute Runescape video rolls out plenty of visual information about the Runescape game; we see that the Runescape playercharacter is highly susceptible to dying frequently with a few hits. We get to see a few weapons in play, RS 3 Gold including a hammer, the cleaver and a sword. We also get to see how some of the enemies behave,