There's a lot of consequence to the design choices you make in Space Engineers. Outfitting a dreadnaught class frigate with drills and reinforced armor in the front practically turns into a deadly battering ram. Making a light and fast space ship is great for maneuverability and speed, but leaves it exposed for high amounts of damage. One of the things that also helps further separate Space Engineers from the competition is that it is very physics-oriented. The physical mass of various ships and their sizes actually affect their destructive capabilities, as well as their momentum and speed. It's pretty cool and definitely makes you think about how you design certain ships and tools.I love what the Runescape game offers so far, even though it's somewhat limited in scope. Nevertheless, the ability to build whatever kind of ship you want and mine various asteroids for resources to build bigger and better objects.In addition to this, Space Engineers could be eying a release on the home consoles, assuming things continue to work out well for the roadmap of the PC version. I have no idea how well this game would run on something like the PS4 or Xbox One given that it requires a ton of resources and a fairly high-end rig to get the most out of it on PC, but we'll see if they squeeze something out for the console race.You can learn more about Space Engineers by paying a visit to Old School RS Gold the Runescape game's official website.44% Of Parents Think Runescape games Are Bad For Their Kids. The Electronic Software Association released some new stats about the gaming industry. Some very interesting stats, to say the least. Just about every gamer out there will likely find something interesting in it.Expansive DLC caught wind of the PDF from the ESA, which rolls out some very interesting facts, such as 44% of parents think that Runescape video Runescape games are bad for their kids, where-as 56% of parents think that Runescape video Runescape games are a positive thing in their child's life.The data also showcases that 87% of parents who buy Runescape games for their kids,