A brand new update for Pokemon Go is beginning to roll out, but many players are already complaining that it does not work.

Pokemon Go 0.39.0 will be hitting the app stores over the next few days, though a lot of users already have received it. The biggest change is that the game now tells you where exactly you caught a Pokemon.

Early adopters will recall that when the app first launched, there was a feature like this where trainers could pull up a map that showed the exact location where they got each species. But this new feature is nothing like that. Instead, the game just tells you in text the city that the Pokemon was captured in. This text is displayed on the given Pokemonís information screen, below itís stats and the options to evolve and power it up.

Pokemon GO Lv 10 30+ Pokemon 15K - 16K StarDust 0.8 USD
Pokemon GO Lv 15 40+ Pokemon 15K - 25K StarDust 1.2 USD
Pokemon GO Lv 20 60+ Pokemon 30K - 60K StarDust 1.5 USD
Pokemon GO Lv 22 60+ Pokemon 70K - 90K StarDust 1.9 USD
Pokemon GO Lv 25 60+ Pokemon 140K - 200K StarDust 2.9 USD

This has left many players disappointed, as the information is so general as to be essentially useless. Youíll be informed of the city the Pokemon was captured in, but nothing more detailed than that is given, such as the coordinates or the street you got it on. So unless you travel a lot, chances are every single Pokemon will have the exact same piece of text displayed next to it pokemongoaccountbuy.com.