Feat tool by two30 from The Arc Forums and Neverwinter Unblogged


Weapon Master Strike -You attack with an neverwinter astral diamonds expert strike that briefly reduces Damage Resistance against your At-Wills, and then quickly follows up with another attack from behind. Damage slightly reduced for every target hit beyond first.
Crushing Surge-Bash your foe with a series of slow, satisfying attacks. The third strike deals additional damage and will Heal you.
Human Turtle
Mob Trash
Enforced Threat-Forcefully taunt nearby foes, neverwinter astral diamonds applying Mark and causing them to attack you.Recovers 15% of your Stamina over 8 seconds
Into The Fray-A fierce battle cry that temporarily increases your adventuring party’s Run Speed and Action Point generation. In addition, all party members receive a small portion of your Max Hit Points as Temporary Hit Points and 25% of your Damage Resistance as increased Damage.
Knights Valor- Defend your party, temporarily intercepting half of all damage they would have taken, and then builds threat based on a portion of how much you intercepted. When/If Required switch this and (Click neverwinter astral diamonds)Commanders Strike