Las Palmas, the last moment the ball Real Madrid lost 2 points, while Real Madrid lost the ball looks a little unexpected ingredients. No matter what, after the game, the main candidates about the cheap fifa coins Real Madrid goalkeeper has renewed the debate.

Match the first 85 minutes, Vincent with a beautiful header broke the Real Madrid defense before the top, after Araujo flashed fifa 17 coins attack Casilla injection Buddhism, 2-2, the home fans burst into a huge joy.

After the game the Spanish "Daily Sport newspaper," only gave Casilla score 5 points, to his label is "incompetent" and the comment was: "He only needs to have a shot in the face and a face to face the impact of threats, the results are two other side scored goals at other times of the game, the other only a few shy of a shot, it is difficult to bring him uneasy, "" Aspen "was Casilla defended:.." lose The first ball is not responsible for him, the second ball of his poor luck. "

However, Casilla critical moment in the game of mistakes, so fifa coins kaufen Real Madrid fans began to miss Navas. Before the game, "Marca" poll, 68% of the fans choose Navas, but Casilla's support rate was only 14%, the rest of the people recommended rotation.