A ring lock scaffolding is a short term platform put up with the help of poles and other tools. Scaffolds are usually prepared of galvanized steel along with metal or wood planking. It is the steel ones that are more long standing sue to its sturdiness and anti decomposition attribute. In this way it makes the entire process absolutely protected for self as well as for the workers.

Basic Scaffolding is fairly straight forward.
Fittings join tubes together and boards then sit on the tubes, creating a safe and sturdy platform for other trades to work.

Theres several 'primary' fittings and several 'secondary' fittings.

Primary fittings:
Doubles - official name: Right-Angle Couplers.
Clips - official name: Single Couplers.
Sleeves - official name: Joiner Couplers.
Swivels - official name: Swivel Couplers.
These 4 are used commonly and everyday.

Secondary fittings:
Gravloks - official name: Steel or Girder Clamps - (SK's are slightly different fittings, invented by a Scaffolder called Steven Knight, hence the name SK).
Spigots - official name: Internal Joiner Couplers.
T Clips - official name: Board Retainer Clips.
Wrigleys - official name: Sheeting Clips.
These 4 are used not as often as those above, but are still very important components used in Scaffolding Planks For Sale.

Tubes are 'joined' together using these various fittings.
Tubes are almost always made from Galvanised Steel and are 48.3mm in diameter or nearly 2" (inches). They are tough and versatile, but also heavy and require respect, when moving these by hand, because if picked up wrong, they can cause damage to your back/legs or shoulders.
They come in a variety of sizes and can usually be cut into what ever size that is required. Though often they come in sizes of: 21', 16', 13', 10', 8', 5' (foot).