The Calcio A thread is a rocking and a rolling. Here we are at our RB's and man alive we have some talents here.

De Silvestri
6'1 with the high/medium work rates again, another solid but not particularly exciting option. 79 pace with 85 stamina and 79 strength means we have a very good physical RB who can when used well deal with the elite players. 78 crossing is also pretty nice for a low level RB.
My rating: B Value: A- Playability: B-

Far from unknown Abate is a monster at RB for his level. Another High/Medium workrate RB you can trust in Ignazio is physically brilliant. 88 pace with good dribbling and 73 strength + 87 stamina he can run for days! But he will use your fifa 17 coins a lot, and he deserve you do something for him.
My rating: A- Value: A+ Playablity: B+

The definition of a beast, over 2200 total stats, he is incredible value. Only one stat below 70, he is physically very capable and technically good enough to be a winger. He is a very popular card that is going for less than 3 K, wow!
My rating: A+ Value: A+++ Playability: A

Bruno Peres
I am sick of playing this reincarnated version of Roberto Carlos just at right back. 92 pace with a cracking shot, and an insane dribbler. Physically he is amazing, however his defensive stats do let him down big time and he can get caught out against the elite attackers.
My rating: A- Value: A+ Playability: A+

Money is no Object: IF Florenzi
It's magic you know, the IF Florenzi show! BOOM 80+ on every card stat, what a don! This card is unreal and amazing to use, not the cheapest for a full back, but it is genuinely insane. It really does not have a weakness and I cannot believe an 84 RB is this good, one of the elite full backs in the game, check him out if you can afford him.
My rating: A+++ Value: B Playability: A+++

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