The companion app for FIFA 17, or more specifically FUT 17 was updated on iOS and Android yesterday, bringing the following changes:

Updated Player Name Search to improve accuracy
Removed Loyalty Bonus from Concept Players in Squad Building Challenges for more accurate Chemistry
Added support for multiple combinations of Clubs,Leagues, Nationalities and Qualities in SBC
Made it easier to get back into SBC when doing a transfer market search
Added Coin Price Paid to all items in the app.

The standout change for me personally there is having the transition between a transfer market search and Squad Building Challenges fixed because it was a nightmare before and it's now exactly as it should be, so a small but positive update.

Many players think this update is good. They are happy to see this update. How about you?

Thanks for readeing! The app is available for download now on Android and on iOS. If you need some fifa 17 coins cheap, welcome to our site.