Cristiano Ronaldo has picked up his fourth indicidual title at football's most prestigious aeard ceremony. But some Messi fans think it is not fair, they think Messi should win. Now, I will give you some reasons to tell you why Ronaldo is definitely better than Messi. Here we go!

Ronaldo is higher rated
I means stats don't lie do they? And our overlords at EA SPORTS have nailed this debate entirely to be honest. Messi's standard player is rated at 93 overall in Ultimate Team, and Ronaldo's is rated 94. 94 is a bigger number than 93 which as we all know, means he's better. By the way, if you need some cheap fifa 17 coins, just go to our site.

Ronaldo doesn't quit
After Ronaldo was savaged early on in the Euro 2016 final by the world's worst tackling midfielder Dimi Payet (Scholes has retired) Ronny's dreams were crushed. Everything he'd ever wished to experience with his country was shattered, but did he quit? No, he brushed aside the tears, sacked the team manager at halftime and led his country to victory as player/coach. Meanwhile Messi retired because Argentina were a bit rubbish… diddums.

Ronaldo wins at scoring ratios
Now I know what you're going to say. "Messi is La Liga's all-time top goal scorer", which is false. Messi does indeed have 323 goals, to Ronaldo's 270, but Ronny has played over 100 games fewer, meaning that if he'd played the same amount of games as Messi in La Liga with his 1.09 goals per game ratio he'd actually have over 360 goals making him the winner. Fair.

Ronaldo made the world greatest modelling comeback of our time
When Ronaldo arrived in Manchester with his buck teeth, skinny frame and that really annoying blonde wisp dangling in front of his face. We all knew that even though he could step-over like no other, he was probably destined to be Luke Chadwick's body double should a modelling gig come about. But now look at him. Chiselled, tanned, winning smile, and hair that looks like it's been greased by the gods themselves. Undoubtedly the greatest comeback of the modern era.

Ronaldo scores headers
I love a good dink over the keeper, we all do. But the one thing that gets the football purists blood pumping more than any other sight in world football is a thunder******* of a header, which shatters the very fabric of society as we know it. Ronaldo has over six times as many headed goals compared to Messi, for most of which he visually rises through the air like some sort of tanned salmon Adonis. A true spectacle if ever there was one.

Ronaldo wins at Twitter
We all know that Twitter is ‘the' tool of the modern age when it comes to a good old fashion popularity contest and in this case there really is no contest. Ronaldo has a whopping 48.8 million followers on Twitter, and Messi has 0. Too lazy to even create account, which I think says it all.

Ronaldo's film is better
Messi the movie was released in 2014 and has an approximate running time of 1 hour and 33 minutes. Ronaldo the movie was released in 2015 (more recent) and has an approximate running time of 1 hour and 42 minutes. That's an extra 9 minutes of excellent(ish) content in Ronaldo's film (trophy lifting I assume) compared to Messi's. That to me says a lot about how much one superstar cares more for their fans than the other.