Marcos Llorente no doubt has his fans – but this miss on FIFA 17 will test their patience.

All the 21-year-old Spaniard needs to do is tap it over the line. But he scuffs the shot and manages to hit the other post.

To his credit, the ball looks like it crosses the line… but the goal wasn’t given.

Some fans believe something more sinister is in play. Scripting.

This refers to games automatically shifting the momentum should a game before too one-sided.

EA has denied that any such mechanism exists in FIFA 17.

One wrote: "Things like this literally proof that there are some heavy scripts involved.

"The system calculated that your shot hit the post so no matter where you would be you would hit the post at this one mil second."

Another said: "Had a similar chance yesterday but tbh I think my miss was 100% scripting.

"It was in a match were I lost 2-0 when I had 11 shots on target vs my opponent who had 2 and scored 2 90-minute goals."

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