Armed with this analysis, letís break things down and map out some possible ways we can make coins this week. First, how to make fifa 17 coins with SBCs? let's see this guide.

Pick up low price informs (12-20k range)

EA have not heavily required IFs the past two days. They were the hot investment the first couple days but EA have noticed and are switching things up. If you want, you could gamble by calling their bluff and buying now (during the panic selling), in hopes that they turn around and require more in future SBCs.

Pick them up during times when you feel the demand for their card would be lowest (when the offered daily SBCs are not that appealing/the middle of the night in the UK).

We recommend selling on before the release of the relevant SBC for fifa 17 coins during the last minute investing hype.

If you make a mistake or donít sell in time, donít worry. There is a good chance there will be another opportunity to sell come TOTY time which will likely have similar SBCs.

Be warned: Margins are smaller and IF investing gets more risky everyday considering investors will want to unload their IFs before TOTY. And we all know what happens when everyone sells at the same time.

Hold on to your low priced TOTGS cards

EA surprised us by adding Scream/Movember cards as a requirement for these daily SBCs and we feel TOTGS cards could be next.

Gamble on League/Nation Requirements

Does high risk, high reward sound like your cup of tea? Well, then this tip might be right up your alley.

There appears to be the best margins in investing in high rated gold cards (84+).

We saw EA used a league requirement to make SBC Aubameyang and Vidal far more expensive. We give it decent odds that this will also happen for Muller or Sokratis if they get an SBC.

If this were the case, high rated Bundesliga players would see another rise.