I think the standard of referee simply rewards the slide tackle spammers too much.

For example, when I play one-two, they will just destroy my first passer and the whole set play is ruined even the referee giving the advantage. The worst part is most of time no yellow is given meaning that they will do it over and over.

And EA need to realize that according to football rules all slide tackle from behind is a foul. No matter the player got the ball or not. And by the way, if you want to buy fifa 17 coins, just go to our site.

Patjuh said "I completely agree with the point you're making, but regardless you should be able to play around them. Get a good read on your opponent's habits of slide tackling and all you gotta do is be a little more cautious, a bit more dribbling, passing it back sometimes, dribbling it back (and/or drag-back), it will leave them with a lot of gaps and free space for you to move up the field. But yeah, that this year's referee's are imho consistently making wrong judgements, I definitely agree with that. It's better than last year, but only very slightly, and it definitely causes a lot of frustration on tons of other aspects. It shouldn't be so hard to read up on a tactical foul of someone and reward them with yellow for it, because it's too often happening without being punished and indeed you up entirely."

It is obnoxious, I play a lot of one-twos as well and in theory I should be able to carve slide tacklers, they take out a critical player in the move and I'm stuck.

I've found ball rolls, precision dribbling, no touch dribbling and shielding to be effective. On a break-away or running down the wing it's pretty simple to just move away from the tackle with a ball roll. If they come at you from the side you can tap L2/R2 to quickly pull back and let them slide by. Shielding in the midfield draws a LOT of fouls, but also quite a few injuries. Sometimes you can get lucky with no touch and you player will just hop over the tackler, but it is less consistent.