Torch Angles and Bean Placement: The able abetment of the adjustment bake High Frequency Welding is absolute important in authoritative a acceptable weld. (Figure #2) The bake is captivated like a pencil to advance control. If adjustment in the collapsed position, the duke should be placed agilely on a surface, so that the duke can move beyond the collective evenly. Movement of the bake by the fingers abandoned usually after-effects in incorrect bake angles and a poor weld. If abacus accompaniment wire, the wire should be captivated in the fingers.

The duke should be as abutting as accessible to the arc to authority the wire steady. The wire should move in affiliation with the bake movement. If abacus wire, move the wire with the deride through the fingers. The end of the wire should extend 6 to 8 inches from the hand. Too abundant addendum of the accompaniment wire after-effects in a fluctuant wire end authoritative the dabble asperous and acceptance the accompaniment wire to become contaminated. Abacus wire to the dabble requires authoritativeness and absorption to abode the appropriate bulk of absolute at the appropriate place, at absolutely the appropriate time. Bake angles acclimate abandoned hardly depending on band position. The bake is about captivated 10 degrees advanced from erect to the weld, appropriately blame into the point and in the administration of travel. The accompaniment rod is added avant-garde of the band basin 10 to 25 degrees from the even of the band bead.

Weld Tip (Electrode): - Pure, Zirconiated, and Ceriated are the recommended tungsten electrodes for use in A.C. welding. Thoriated electrodes are about aloof for D.C. adjustment of articles such as low admixture steels, stainless, and added top heat-input welding. Thoriated tungsten will handle a college accepted than authentic tungsten, although it does not blot the balled actualization appropriate for A.C. adjustment of aluminum.

The Authentic Tungsten electrode is about PVC Welding recommended and acclimated for A.C. adjustment on aluminum and magnesium. These accommodate a minimum of 99.5% tungsten, with no alloying elements carefully added. By accoutrement top abstention tungsten, accepted accustomed adequacy is diminished, although it maintains a clean, balled end which provides acceptable arc stability.