This is the shocking moment a FIFA 17 referee disallows a “blatant goal” during a match

The startling image has sparked fresh claims of a ‘virtual corruption ring’ amongst in-game refs.

It follows a string of bizarre behaviour by FIFA 17 officials, who have been spotted awarding bogus fouls, robo fifacoincom walking off the pitch mid-game and giving away soft penalties.

Reddit user ImaNoobyDoops, who released the image, goes so far as to claim that “drugs” may have been involved.

He captioned the image: “When The Ref Take To Many Drugs.” (SIC)

Sadly, poor referee decisions seem to be a big issue in FIFA 17 – with may fans calling for a patch to iron out inconsistencies.

Lee Satchel, who heads up the virtual referee’s union told Dream Team: “There is absolutely no foul play at all.

“They are not taking any money because they would have nothing to spend it on. robo fifacoin They are just a collection of pixels – trapped on a virtual pitch.

“Why are we even having this conversation?”

That’s no excuse.