Getting the toner cartridge replacement process underway starts with a workspace that is free of clutter. Place newspaper or craft paper on a flat surface to catch any toner that may be spilled during the refilling process. It's probably best to empty the old remaining toner straight into a waste can to avoid spreading it around the room. It is also wise to wear disposable gloves when refilling printer cartridge.

Instructions for Refilling HP cf400x Cartridges with Refill Ports
Here are the steps to refilling HP ink cartridges that have existing refill ports.

Some of the supplies that are required include:
? Phillips screwdriver
? Flat screwdriver
? Needle-nose pliers
? Toner
? Smart chip

1. Using the Philips screwdriver, remove the screws on the side of the cartridge to reveal the sealing plug. Position the flat screwdriver underneath the seal to gently loosen it. Use the needle-nose pliers to pull the plug off the cartridge.

2. Empty any toner left inside the cartridge. Before opening the bottle of toner, turn it upside down and tap it firmly on a flat surface to loosen the toner so that it will flow freely. Make sure that the cap is secure before tapping the bottle.

3. Tilt the cartridge to a 45-degree angle and fill the cartridge with toner.

4. Place the sealing plug back in its place and replace the smart chip on the cartridge before putting it back into the printer. The chip may need to be gently pried from its location. Insert the cartridge into the printer. Print a few pages to check the quality of the print.

Instructions for Replacing HP Laser Printer Cartridges Without Refill Ports
When the print cartridge does not have a refill port, the task becomes a bit harder, but can still be done. Some of the supplies needed are:
? Toner
? Universal toner cartridge hole-making tool
? Electrical tape
? Smart chip

1. Use a universal print cartridge hole-making tool to create a hole in the cartridge. Remove the round plastic piece that will be burned out after the new hole has been made.

2. Empty all remaining original toner from the cartridge. Attach the pouring spout to the toner bottle, and refill the cartridge with toner. Seal the newly created hole with a small piece of electrical tape.

3. Replace the smart chip.